Car Detailing

Car detailing means “take care of your vehicle from top to bottom”. Our detailing service will give your car a glossy shine, help protect it from aging and corrosion and remove any embedded contaminants. It’ll make your heart beat faster.





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We use state-of-art technology and products to repair and restore car interior to the original beauty, preventing its replacement.
First, we wash, dry and decontaminate the car; then we proceed with steps of polishing and micro-polishing to reduce defects on the car bodywork and give maximum gloss.
Finally, we apply natural waxes, sealants or nanotech treatments.
We give our customers the care and attention they deserve. All vehicles are washed prior to entering the workshop and after we have done all the work. A clean car, smelling fresh, is increasingly valued. We clean and wash all types of vehicles.
Interior and exterior washing with neutral soaps not to damage car paint and upholstery. With high quality car wash equipment, we deliver enhanced cleaning performance so that stains on car interiors are no longer a problem!
The ozone sanitation of interior reduces and eliminates molds and bacteria for a complete hygiene of your vehicle interior.


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